What is it like to be an apprentice at RPL?
A group of apprentices wearing Gold and Silver medals celebrate with one of their mentors, alongside their project work which secured them success at the WorldSkills UK Manufacturing Team Challenge.

What is it like to be an apprentice at RPL?

Hear from some of our current apprentices about what it is like working at Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL) in the Apprenticeship Programme.

Data Science Degree Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2019)

Muhammad Pathan

"I am currently a data science apprentice at Ricoh . During my time I have developed a wide range of skills such as programming and how data can be used for machine learning. I would recommend apprenticeships to any current students as it is a very effective way of learning and growing your career, and especially at Ricoh. It is a great place to work with amazing opportunities."

A portrait of Muhammad Pathan.

Software Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Conor Petford

"The apprenticeship program at Ricoh has allowed me to extend my academic journey beyond A-Levels. The dynamic program has not only provided me with invaluable specialist support but also grants me the flexibility to dedicate time from my workweek for studies and lectures. In addition to my academic study, I have been fortunate enough to be actively involved in a diverse range of workplace projects in my short time here at Ricoh. These experiences have enabled me to collaborate with my colleagues and cultivate industry-specific competence, something I believe is not typically attained through a traditional degree."

A portrait of Conor Petford.

Technical Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Eve Redden

"I am currently working through my Technical apprenticeship here at Ricoh, this involves rotating through various departments in the business and learning what they do, and getting involved in any projects that are happening in the area. I also attend college part time studying towards a Level 3 BTEC in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, as well as a Level 3 Diploma in the same subject. This combination works very well as my college work can help support any projects here at work, but also vice versa. I am really enjoying applying my skills in different areas of the apprenticeship so far and I am looking forward to what the future holds."

A portrait of Eve Redden.

Technical Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Kieran Rowley

"I am doing a 4 year apprenticeship in Technical Engineering. In terms of credentials, I attend Shrewsbury College to work towards finishing my apprenticeship with a Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering. The apprenticeship is helping me learn a lot about Ricoh itself but also teaching me skills that can be used in engineering for future tasks and roles. I have also developed abilities such as leadership, communication, and timekeeping whilst working as an apprentice at Ricoh. Ricoh is a very friendly environment and the apprentice scheme they have to offer is very well structured."

A portrait of Kieran Rowley.

Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Cameron Buick

"Joining Ricoh as a Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprentice has helped me greatly in expanding my knowledge and skills as I further my career in the hopes to become a fully qualified Engineer. It has given me experience and exposure to what life is like working as an Engineer on different manufacturing tasks and projects and allowed me to develop my understanding of Engineering as a whole. Ricoh is a great place to work full of knowledgeable and supportive employees."

A portrait of Cameron Buick.

Moulding Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Harrison Felton

"I am currently on a Moulding Engineering apprenticeship with Ricoh, which involves both close involvement with on-site projects, as well as offsite learning contributing to Level 2 & 3 qualifications in Mechatronics. Being an apprentice at Ricoh is a fantastic gateway into both further education and professional work experience. You are treated as a member of the team and are constantly learning and improving through support and encouragement from your peers, tutors, and seniors."

A portrait of Harrison Felton.

Craft Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Joshua Wynne

“During my time as an apprentice at Ricoh, I have gained a wealth of skills and knowledge through the many opportunities provided allowing me to flourish as a Maintenance Engineer. I have also been able to work alongside many experienced engineers which has helped greatly in my development. I look forward to continuing my apprenticeship with Ricoh and developing my skills further.”

A portrait of Joshua Wynne.

Craft Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2022)

Kian Beasley

“Since joining Ricoh I have definitely developed many skills and responsibilities. Having independence, but knowing help is always available, is great personally for me for developing and wanting to learn. Already within a short time I have completed a range of different tasks within my Craft role and have been given a high amount opportunities to show my personal growth. This has all been completed with the guidance from experienced engineers. I look forward to continuing the development of my skills and responsibilities.”

A portrait of Kian Beasley.

Craft Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2023)

Adam Briggs

"I have just started my first year of working as a Craft Engineering Apprentice and alongside I will also be attending Shrewsbury College 3 days a week. I look forward to spending the next 4 years with Ricoh and getting to know and work with everyone."

A portrait of Adam Briggs.

Craft Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2023)

George Chadwick

"I am a Craft Engineering Apprentice and have started my first year studying towards my Level 3 Engineering course at Shrewsbury College. I am happy to be a new addition to the Maintenance department and I look forward to the next 4 years of learning from my peers and mentors."

A portrait of George Chadwick.

Technical Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2023)

Lupin Brown

"I have joined Ricoh after completing A Levels in Maths and Further Maths at Shrewsbury College. I am now back at Shrewsbury College only on a different campus to do my apprenticeship in Technical Engineering. I wanted this apprenticeship as it will use some of my strengths like problem solving. I particularly wanted to work at Ricoh as I will have the opportunity during my training to work in all the departments which will give me a great overview and insight into the work Ricoh do."

A portrait of Lupin Brown.

Technical Engineering Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2023)

Lewis Heeley

"I am doing a Technical Engineering Apprenticeship and will be attending Shrewsbury College for 3 days a week for the theory part of the course. I am keen to learn to expand my knowledge and work in a team environment. I look forward to working at Ricoh and getting to know new people over the 4-year apprenticeship."

A portrait of Lewis Heeley.

Finance Apprenticeship (Year Started: 2023)

Daniel Hayward

"I have just started an apprenticeship in Finance so I will be attending Kaplan Financial in Birmingham to complete a Level 7 CIMA qualification. I look forward to using the skills I have developed in previous years to progress through my apprenticeship over the next 4 years at Ricoh."

A portrait of Daniel Hayward.

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