Customer Experience Centre

Customer Experience Centre

At Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL), our Customer Experience Centre (CEC) is a unique showcase of RICOH's cutting-edge Commercial and Industrial printing technologies and commitment to customer Fulfilment through Work.

This 4,000 square metre state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub for research, innovation, knowledge sharing and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement), customer co-creation and sustainability.

Product & Service Offering


The CEC is a remarkable collaboration space that has been designed to showcases:


High-speed inkjet

• Wide-format inkjet


This multifaceted facility also operates as a live factory, demonstrating end-to-end (E2E) workflows and manufacturing solutions. Knowledge in critical areas, including colour management, is continuously captured and fed back to our specialist teams in Japan and the USA, making a major contribution to Research & Development (R&D). This enables RICOH to continue to raise the bar in Commercial and Industrial Print.


Our diverse technologies allow for the printing of a wide variety of substrates and sizes, including the provision of compatibility testing of our partners’ finishing equipment. The CEC specialists help empower customers to explore new printing solutions and develop their businesses.


The CEC offers custom print samples upon request using customer-supplied artwork to assess suitability of the ever-expanding range of substrates. The team also supports application development, testing of software and print controllers, and pre-sales support of printers. 


Aftercare for our customers also includes providing design and application guides, integrating RICOH’s software and hardware products and systems into customer applications, and partnering with third parties for finishing solutions. Customers are welcomed to our European Training Centre which provides a full suite of learning programmes for both high-speed and wide-format inkjet, to ensure that technical teams have the opportunity to train and learn in a real-world environment.

Commitment to Sustainability


Sustainability is at the core of our values. The CEC is dedicated to fostering a sustainable future through innovation. Our exploration of sustainable technologies includes utilising cardboard instead of plastic for gift cards, promoting compostable films and plastics, and advocating for plant-based substrates.


We are actively engaged in transitioning customers from analogue to digital, accelerating the digital transformation journey and conducting supply chain assessments. By driving innovation and embracing sustainability, the CEC contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that our work has a positive and lasting environmental impact.

Commitment to Fulfilment through Work


Customers visiting the CEC to address their “pain points” have the opportunity to discover the full breadth of RICOH's capabilities, leading to investments in products and solutions. The CEC is more than just a showroom; it is a co-creation facility that helps shape digital print applications of the future, offering an E2E business model, from concept to production in addition to post-sale support. Our experienced team knowledge-share with customers so they can learn how to optimise their machines to operate more efficiently and effectively. 


For our employees, the CEC offers a unique and inclusive environment that fosters a genuine sense of belonging. They play a crucial role in all operations, positively supporting the sales process, and strengthening business growth of the RICOH Family Group (RFG). The experience and expertise of the CEC team actively contributes to securing significant sales, giving them pride in empowering our customers to support their own customers through RICOH’s technologies and manufacturing solutions.

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