A material swatch titled 'Colors' which shows mixed gradients of a single thread.


Coloreel is a Swedish textile innovation brand with ground-breaking technology for embroidery that enables high-quality colouring of textile thread on demand.

Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL) partnered with Coloreel in January 2017 with the aim of creating a custom-designed and manufactured print module, which today, is the core printing technology within the Coloreel ITCu (Integrated Thread Colouring Unit).

Product & Service Offering


Coloreel’s ITCu (Integrated Thread Colouring Unit) unique solution makes previously complicated designs accessible, including design features such as gradients, textures, and other stunning effects, whilst also improving quality, efficiency, and sustainability of the embroidery end-to-end process. 


By coloring the thread on demand, it removes the need for thread reel changes during production and between orders, greatly reducing setup time and improving productivity of complex designs by up to 300%. The technology also provides access to thousands of colours which means there is no requirement to special order / custom dye thread, eliminating the requirement to stock obsolete threads. 


RICOH's core role in this partnership extends beyond providing individual print engine components; it encompasses a complete print solution. RICOH's role involves creating a bespoke print engine for jetting ink onto the thread, as well as providing essential components such as the cartridge dock, and packaging ink into RICOH cartridges. 


With years of expertise and a long-standing commitment to development and creative innovation, RPL acts as a crucial intermediary between Coloreel and the design team in Japan and manufacturing team in China, which aims to transform the industry by offering high-quality instant colouring of textile thread during production.


The partnership is built on a collaborative relationship, positioning RICOH as a development partner, actively involved in engineering development, application testing, and providing support with research and development (R&D) activities.

Commitment to Sustainability


RICOH and Coloreel share a strong commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices into their revolutionary thread colouring technology. The Coloreel-powered embroidery machines significantly reduce water consumption, producing 50 times less wastewater when compared to traditional thread dyeing methods. By dyeing 100% recycled polyester thread in real time, water consumption is reduced by at least 97%, contributing to a more sustainable textile industry.


Coloreel's instant dyed embroidery thread, meets OEKO-TEX® 100 class I standards, and is produced from 100% recycled post-consumer PET plastic bottles. The thread waste reduction is substantial, as the technology allows for on-demand colouring, eliminating the need for large inventories of pre-dyed threads and reducing overall waste in the embroidery industry.


In summary, the partnership between RICOH and Coloreel is not just about innovation; it is a commitment to delivering value to customers, fostering a collaborative work environment, and leading the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Commitment to Fulfilment through Work


RPL's commitment to Fulfilment through Work extends to customers by delivering a complete and efficient solution, reducing development time, and ensuring a closer connection to end-users. Coloreel benefits from RICOH's extensive experience and specialist expertise in printing, ensuring a seamless collaboration in bringing this new innovative technology to market.


Fulfilment also encompasses employees, who actively engage in knowledge-sharing with Coloreel. The dynamic and varied nature of the work, combined with the thrill of being part of an innovative project, fosters a joint collaborative environment and strong teamworking approach. Strong communication ensures that both partners remain informed and equipped to handle the unique challenges posed by each task.

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