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Why work for Ricoh UK Products Ltd?

We strive to be a Truly Irresistible Organisation for employee engagement, attracting and retaining highly talented people and maximising all of our People Talent.

People Talent is at the heart of all of RPL’s success and achievements, as great things cannot be achieved without great people and strong teamwork. We are committed to ensuring we have highly engaged employees who are enthusiastic about their work and workplace and committed to making a difference. We want employees to find fulfilment through work, to help drive performance innovation to keep moving our organisation forward. We continue to adopt a customer-focused approach, whilst sharing our long term commitment to sustainability.
  • Meaningful Work

    Meaningful Work

    Empowering individuals & teams to utilise talents, supporting creativity and innovation.
  • Effective Management

    Effective Management

    Coaching for a high performance culture, where contributions are regularly reviewed and recognised.
  • Positive Work Environment

    Positive Work Environment

    Creating an environment of flexibility, trust & recognition to enable every employee to flourish.
  • Ample Growth Opportunities

    Ample Growth Opportunities

    Maximising individuals talents through an environment of continuous learning and growth.
  • Trust in Leadership

    Trust in Leadership

    Inspired by leadership through open and timely communication channels that build confidence and trust.

We pride ourselves on our 'Ricoh Family' culture, promoting a positive work environment with a healthy work-life balance and providing growth opportunities. This is recognised by our 'Investors in People' accreditations.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Ricoh is committed to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality. No applicant or employee will be treated less favourably than another on the grounds of age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, race, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marriage or civil partnership.

This is our global diversity statement, which sets out at the highest level our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment at Ricoh.  
Ensuring we nurture a thriving, vibrant organisation, where employees can bring their whole selves to work, is at the heart of the action we take to deliver against this commitment.
Our approach centres on attracting, developing and empowering our employees who together enable Ricoh’s success and most importantly, deliver exceptional results to our customers. 

Attracting and recruiting the best people

Our recruitment processes ensure that we provide equal opportunities at all career stages. They have been established with the aim of attracting diverse and talented people.

Developing and rewarding people

We know that we are only as good as the people who work at Ricoh – and working in a diverse and inclusive culture is not only recognised as driving positive business growth, but also helps create wellbeing, a sense of achievement and happiness amongst our people. 
As an organisation, we are committed to achieving the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and through various programmes we are actively contributing to improving Gender Equality (SDG 5).
We are also committed to promoting a work environment where people are treated with dignity and respect. These values should be reflected in the way we interact with each other, our customers and our suppliers. To ensure that we consistently demonstrate and promote these values we run interactive workshops and engagement sessions with employees on an ongoing basis. 

Empowering people to be their best

We know that today’s workforce is looking for an agile and flexible work environment.  We use our own technology and methodologies to improve collaboration across our organisation and encourage a better work-life balance for all our employees.
We continually measure employee engagement so that we can take positive action and continue to strive for a culture where Ricoh employees enjoy work, feel motivated to do a great job and gain recognition for their contributions. 

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