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Production Print Machines and Supplies Remanufacturing

Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL) offers a range of high quality remanufactured Production Print machines, service parts & consumables for the Commerical Print market. These products support Ricoh's commitment to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Ricoh’s own 2050 vision to lower purchase cost and reduce carbon footprint.

Remanufacturing Product Availability

Remanufactured products are available throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, and include:

1. Commercial Print machines
2. Service parts
3. Consumables; including toner bottles
Person working with product parts

Circular ecoomy

Circular Economy Contributions Through Remanufactured Products

RPL's commitment to the Circular Economy ensures that a cradle-to-grave approach is developed to ensure the optimisation of resources. This extends beyond first-life into second-life through our remanufactured products.

The Ricoh Comet Circle

Comet Circle - visual

The Ricoh Comet Circle was established in 1994 and defines our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) ethos. We aim to recirculate our resources as close to the end user as possible, to minimise recycling and recovery.

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