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As a high technology Business Development Site, the partners we select share our passion for innovation and market transformation, whilst understanding that the eco-system within which we operate, is only part of a wider global eco-system, and that the two need to co-exist in a truly sustainable fashion.​
Our technology markets are changing rapidly, within an increasingly digital and interconnected world.  By choosing the right strategic partners, we create mutually shared value that generates new and transformational business opportunities.  ​
Whether it’s disruptive digital print applications, Industry 4.0 technologies, production and back office automation, or the provision of a highly motivated and skilled workforce, the organisations featured on this page, are critical to the achievement of our goals.​
For our critical strategic partnerships, we apply the principles set out in ISO44001, the international standard for collaborative business relationship management systems.  This ensures that we manage the relationship, in a way that promotes trust and continuous improvement.​
  • Mechtech Automation Group

    Mechtech Automation Group

    Sharing a long term digital manufacturing vision to deliver highly flexible Industry 4.0 applications, leveraging Mechatronics’ connected automation expertise and Ricoh’s long term automation investment strategy.
  • Microsoft


    Development of connected factory Digital Services, leveraging Microsoft’s class leading expertise in cloud based and Mixed Reality applications and Ricoh’s long term investment in automation.
  • University of Leeds

    University of Leeds

    Design development collaboration combining University of Leeds analytical and simulation modelling capabilities with Ricoh’s specialist lab facilities and applications knowledge to optimise inkjet head jetting performance.
  • ideasUK


    Development of shared learning experiences, harnessing  ideasUK’s extensive best practice network and Ricoh’s award winning manufacturing heritage to promote increased engagement in ideas creation and implementation.
  • The Manufacturing Institute

    The Manufacturing Institute

    Development of Gemba based shared learning experiences to support the professionalisation of the manufacturing sector, leveraging The Manufacturing Institute’s considerable outreach and Ricoh’s award winning manufacturing heritage.
  • OLBRICH Gmbh

    OLBRICH Gmbh

    Marrying Ricoh’s digital inkjet head optimisation and ink development capability with OLBRICH’s industrial equipment expertise to transform the decorative market, with significant sustainability benefits.
  • PTC


    Transforming how we engage with customer partners, to create new Digital Service business opportunities, through the integration of PTC’s Mixed Reality technologies with Ricoh connected factory applications.
  • MAKEuk


    Development and sharing of high performing human resource management approaches, leveraging Make UK’s considerable professional expertise and Ricoh’s long term commitment to the adoption of best practice.
  • University of Exeter

    University of Exeter

    Design and promotion of circular economy best practice through executive education programs designed to increase the engagement of business leaders globally.
  • Coloreel Group AB

    Coloreel Group AB

    Harnessing Coloreel’s proven analogue-to-digital industrial innovation capabilities, with Ricoh’s inkjet optimisation and module development expertise, to transform the embroidery textile market.
  • Shrewsbury Colleges Group

    Shrewsbury Colleges Group

    Developing our talent pipeline for the future, whilst ensuring the future employability of apprentices, based on credible external learning frameworks aligned to our apprenticeship development strategy.
  • TIGER Coatings GmbH

    TIGER Coatings GmbH

    Combining TIGER’s unique flame retardant SLS thermoset [3D] print materials portfolio with Ricoh’s Additive Manufacturing expertise to extend the application field for the automotive, electrical, transportation and aerospace industries.
  • IBM


    Developing dynamic financial impact modelling applications to enable agile business decision making, through the optimisation of IBM bespoke reporting modules and aligned to real-time data analysis stakeholder needs.
  • Adecco


    Creating a model for flexible working where highly flexible Adecco staff enjoy the same basic terms and conditions as permanent employees, in line with Ricoh’s commitment to providing fulfilment through work as an employer of choice.
  • Telford College

    Telford College

    Delivering on our People Talent development aspirations by providing opportunities for self motivated employees interested in potential future roles or skills advancement, through development courses held within the local area.

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