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Our Apprenticeship Programme

Our well established apprenticeship programme started in 1990, and is essential to ensuring we have high quality people working within our organisation. We seek ambitious candidates who are ready to take ownership of their development, work hard to achieve their potential, and grow with an innovative and creative employer. An apprenticeship with us will give you the opportunity to gain practical, industry workplace experience as well as qualifications relevant to your chosen career path, all whilst earning a wage.

Throughout your programme, you will develop knowledge and skills by working within a number of our key business areas, supported by a designated mentor. You will also work alongside a specialist learning provider to study towards your academic qualifications, and develop knowledge, skills and behaviours which can be transferred back into the workplace. You will achieve nationally recognised qualifications upon successful completion of your apprenticeship programme.

We are committed to the continued development of our apprentices, and we will support you to get the best out of your programme.

Apprenticeships we offer

We offer a diverse range of apprenticeship types that provide hands-on experience, mentorship, and a pathway to success. While we don't offer every apprenticeship type every year, we are constantly evolving to meet the demands of our ever-changing world. New opportunities may arise, offering exciting prospects for aspiring professionals. We begin advertising our apprenticeship vacancies in the spring. 

We encourage you to keep a vigilant eye on our Careers page and follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest opportunities. 

Find more information about each apprenticeship type below:

  • Business Development Apprenticeship

    Business Development Apprenticeship

    Support and project manage a number of key projects to help with the development of new business operations and products, helping Ricoh to diversify it’s product and services market and drive the business forward.

  • Commercial Apprenticeship

    Commercial Apprenticeship

    Develop key skills in business administration, IT, finance, planning / procurement, data analysis and project management with a view of specialising in one of these areas in your final year.

  • Craft Engineering Apprenticeship

    Craft Engineering Apprenticeship

    You will gain skills including the ability to carry out Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) program interrogation to aid in fault diagnosis, to identify and rectify issues associated with electrical, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic (fluid power) systems along with automated quality control equipment.

  • Data Science Apprenticeship

    Data Science Apprenticeship

    Develop key skills in data analysis, problem solving, programming tools/systems, communication and project delivery techniques.

  • Finance Apprenticeship

    Finance Apprenticeship

    Work with the Management Accounting section of our Finance department, as well as short placements in Financial Accounting and other key business areas help you gain a whole business understanding and develop key working relationship.

  • Information Technology Apprenticeship

    Information Technology Apprenticeship

    Explore all aspects of IT, from working with our help‐desk team and providing solutions and support with real life IT problems (hardware and software), to working with our networking and development teams.

  • Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship

    Manufacturing Engineering Apprenticeship

    Develop skills to gather and analyse technical information and data from a range of sources to help solve problems and make informed operational decisions covering areas such as safety, quality, reliability, production schedules/targets, continuous improvement and cost.

  • Moulding Engineering Apprenticeship

    Moulding Engineering Apprenticeship

    Learn how to set up plastic injection moulding machines and ancillaries using a wide variety of plastic materials, different injection moulding tools and be hand on with precision mould tooling. 

  • Software Engineering Apprenticeship

    Software Engineering Apprenticeship

    Develop skills in object orientation programming languages, web applications development, cloud computing, systems development, data communications and network infrastructure.

  • Supply Chain Management Apprenticeship

    Supply Chain Management Apprenticeship

    Benefit from both ‘real world’ experience and theoretical learning, dealing with internal & external partners and stakeholders. Through data capture, analytics and reporting you will find opportunities to challenge and improve existing processes, with innovation and technology.

  • Technical Engineering Apprenticeship

    Technical Engineering Apprenticeship

    Rotate around a number of key areas including: Design & Development, Toner & Ink Engineering, Moulding Engineering, Production Print Engineering, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Inkjet Technical Centre.

  • Tool Making Apprenticeship

    Tool Making Apprenticeship

    Develop skills in all aspects of Tool Making, from hand fitting, manual machining and welding to manufacturing parts using CNC Milling machines and designing jigs using CAM software.