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Digital Manufacturing

At Ricoh UK Products Ltd's (RPL) manufacturing facility in Telford, automation and Digital Manufacturing go hand-in-hand. We continue to innovate, investing in key technologies that drive efficiency, flexibility and quality improvements, ensuring our products and services remain the most advanced, competitive and reliable in the markets we serve.

The Connected Factory

All of our automation is connected, so that manufacturing telemetry can be stored, analysed and actioned in Real-Time.  By connecting our people to this information we drive a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
Ricoh is developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that in the near future will enable us to predict and alert where changes, and even failures, in critical processes exist, ensuring increased machine uptime.
The Connected Factory

Digital Manufacturing at Ricoh - Automation


The automation of complex or repetitive tasks in the workplace is achieved through our significant investment in robotic technology. This ensures the highest levels of product quality, whilst maximising efficiency and output.
At RPL we run a highly automated facility, with in excess of 100 robotic applications including high speed indexers and pick-and-place machines. These take on highly repetitive manufacturing challenges such as; powder filling, assembly, packing and moulded parts manufacture.


Innovation is at the heart of a successful manufacturing organisation. Finding new and improved ways of working using emerging technologies to challenge the status quo is essential.
The use of Mixed Reality (MR) is just one example of RPL investments in this area and provides significantly improved customer response times, whilst optimising the effectiveness of our support. We also use the technology to drive improvements in the way we deliver training, both internally and externally.
Digital Manufacturing at Ricoh - Innovation
  • Ricoh Connected Factory

    Ricoh Connected Factory

    Data from across the factory, including machine automation, human resource and financial data, is analysed to determine cost of labour, cost of production and what measures should be put in place for the factory to remain competitive.

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