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About Ricoh UK Products Ltd

Ricoh UK Products Ltd is where Ricoh brings together our customers and partners to optimise today’s world of print and influence the digital print applications and services of the future. With operations in Telford and Stirling, Ricoh UK Products Ltd provides a world class customer experience that demonstrates digital manufacturing and showcases the latest technologies that Ricoh has to offer. We regularly welcome new and existing customers and partners to our facility to share our knowledge and to work together to drive innovation in the world of print.

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Discover how the power of collective imagination has fuelled our growth and transformed our business over the years.

The Ricoh Way

The Ricoh Way

This outlines Ricoh's founding principles, Mission (or Purpose), Vision and Values.
  • Empowering Digital Workplaces

    Empowering Digital Workplaces

    We want to revolutionize work by releasing workers from the tedium of endless repetitive tasks so that they could enjoy that feeling gained from achievement and self-development one gains from completing more engaging tasks.

  • Sustainability


    At Ricoh, we believe that achieving a perfect balance between People, Planet and Prosperity, in alignment with the UN’s SDGs, will help us realise a more sustainable future.

  • Information Security

    Information Security

    Information security is more vital than ever to the survival and success of businesses. Cyber security is one of the biggest threats to the survival and success of modern businesses.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Continuous Improvement

    At Ricoh UK Products Ltd (RPL), our employees see continuous improvement as an integral part of their ways of working, motivating them to engage in doing something a little bit better every day through the deployment of the Ricoh Way Production System.

  • Partnerships


    Our technology markets are changing rapidly, within an increasingly digital and interconnected world.  By choosing the right strategic partners, we create mutually shared value that generates new and transformational business opportunities.

  • Gender Pay Gap

    Gender Pay Gap

    View our gender pay gap results and the commitments we have made for the future.

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